Any idea of what the latest indie beauty trends are?

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Prestige beauty sales rose by 30% in 2021, reaching an ultimate high of $22 billion. You are a social media influencer eager to launch your beauty brand?

Having the right reach and driving conversion for others is a great start but it just might not be enough. This growth is mostly driven by opportunistic entrepreneurs addressing the white spaces that remain. Shimmers will help you with a  fresh approach to build that “unicorn brand” that consumers and retailers are still eagerly waiting for. Looking at Beauty Independent trends report, we identified 5  beauty trends that need to be on your radar. Interested to learn more?

1 - Reducing waste with “Rewearables”

All the beauty brands have a problem with the level of waste they generate. A few brands strive for greater sustainability with unique concepts: ingredient upcycling or solid cosmetic products but some categories remain under the fire for creating huge amounts of waste: face and eye masks.

Brands such as Experiments and Dr. Jart+ are looking into reusable face and under-eye masks, made of silicon that just need to be applied with your regular skincare product. Silicone based masks reduce the risk of allergies while providing the benefits of sheet masks without the unnecessary waste.

Don’t drop the sheet mask just yet, but forget the disposable formats packaged in a non-recyclable foil sandwiched between sheets of non-recyclable plastic.

2 - Ingredient planning and streamlining formulas

With the ongoing crisis happening right now in the world and impacting severely the supply chains, packaging and ingredients have become an increasingly pain point. Some major ingredients are on back orders such as some retinols, glycerin or various vegetable oils.

The chance of facing shortage is high for indie beauty brands, it is important to take into account from the start the supply chain turbulence as chances are high that this situation will last.

When thinking of formulation for future brands and products we need to be careful in selecting raw materials and maybe striring away from the hot and trending ingredients. It is important to really think through the choice of ingredients that will not only help to meet forecasted demand but also reinforce the consistency of the brand positioning.

3 - Getting dermatological expertise

Dermatologists have long been skincare brand founders, and are now more than ever in demand on social media for their natural credibility and qualitative skincare advice.

Bringing a Dermatologist in the process of developing the formulas will bring the level of science required and will help you not rely only on your perfect beauty routine. Think of powerful ingredients in combination therapies to maximize results and empower concepts. The authority of a doctor in the board of experts will grow the chance of success in the saturated skincare indie brands launches.

4 - Educating consumers and audiences

In the beauty world where each brand seems to have a never seen before claim about being powerful, clean or safe, validating claims is increasingly important to separate those who truly do the work from those who take their chance on naive consumers.

In the age of skin expert consumers and science driven brands, audiences are digging into the clinical testing brands conduct to confirm the claims are legit. If a brand and even more an influencer founded brand cannot prove that this phase has been conducted properly, the backlash is around the corner.

The Ayurvedic skincare brand Sahajan, clearly shares with its audience how it defines “clinically tested”, one of the many marketing terms that has lost its official definition. The brand outlines how the formula has been through many rounds of testing groups and in vitro analysis. Ensuring that they never release a product before it is truly “clinically proven”.

5 - Food supplement formats for the post Covid life

Wellness 1.0 is now over. Brands were seen everywhere with pills, powders, supplying the daily doses of vitamins, probiotics, prebiotics, precursors and more for people at home during Covid. Followed the gummies… until we questioned the healthiness of these new candies. The food supplements brands were quick to react with healthy shots or soluble strips…

But now comes a new Era: everybody is over the life lived indoors. New wellness brands are launching compact and portable formats that people can have with them wherever they go (the gym, the plane, the zoom meeting or to their new “hot desks”). Recent launches include Gest (liquid collagen, hyaluronic acid and vitamin C) that come in single serve “sips” or the Vida Glow antioxidants that come as effervescent powder designed to be poured directly onto the tong. It's the right time to look at new delivery methods or forms if you want to launch your food supplement brand.

Build from the start the right brand: