Beauty trends to watch in 2023

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We take a look at 7 beauty trends that we think are likely to make a big impact in 2023 Watch out!

1. Skin cycling, which now applies to haircare

Skin no longer has a monopoly on the care protocol: now Hair also benefits from a complete routine, modeled on skincare. A whole new range of products such as scrubs, blemish removers, exfoliating brushes, night care products, exfoliating shampoos and micellar shampoos are now becoming iconic beauty products.

And similarly to "skin cycling" comes the trend of "hair cycling", popularized by Tik Tok, which consists of alternating different hair care products to cover all the hair's needs.

2. Sustainability: the refill model still in development

Driven by regulators and consumer expectations, beauty companies continue to work on refillable product solutions and the paradigm shift is underway for consumers, retailers and brands. While the model is still being developed, brands such as Beauty Kitchen and L'Occitane are already offering innovative refill solutions in their shops.

Beauty Kitchen refill station

3. Bamboo, apple, chebula : 3 trendy ingredients

The craze for natural beauty continues unabated and brands are more than ever on the lookout for natural ingredients with valuable properties for the skin. Bamboo, apple and chebula have everything it takes to make their way into formulas in 2023.


The vegetal silica contained in bamboo has multiple benefits for the skin. In hydrolate form, it provides deep nourishment for dry and dehydrated skin and has regenerating properties, making it a must-have in anti-ageing skin care.

It also has a matifying power that benefits mixed to oily skin. Finally, it repairs damaged hair and nails and, in powder form, helps to combat excessive perspiration.


Rich in polyphenols and quercetin, apples help fight sagging skin, lack of firmness and wrinkles. It also facilitates skin regeneration and protects it from future external aggressions such as pollution. It nourishes dry skin and, in combination with other plants, may also help combination skin to regulate excess sebum.


Known in Ayurvedic medicine for its anti-inflammatory properties, chebula is rich in antioxidants and therefore very effective in smoothing the skin, making it firmer and more elastic. It is also said to help strengthen and rebuild the skin barrier, protecting it from external aggression, while deeply moisturizing the skin.

According to the latest report from online platform Beauty Pie, chebula is one of the top skincare trends for 2023, with an unprecedented 922% jump in Google search volume over one year.

4. Prebiotics and probiotics in formulas for a natural balance of the skin

The introduction of prebiotics and probiotics aims to give skin the strength it needs to fight against daily aggressions. This complex science is still in early stages, but scientists are convinced that a revolution is underway. Bacteria are helping to develop more skin-friendly products that can reduce dryness, acne and dullness.

Some brands like Gallinée and Talika (through its Skintelligence range) are already gaining aficionados.

Picture byNicolas Solerieu on Unsplash

5. Men's products are having more fun

Conventionally, men's products are often serious and a bit boring...

Which is an opportunity for independent beauty brands to stand out from the crowd by taking a different view. This is the case for the new men's brand Insanely Clean, which intends to show that change is on the way by offering fun and clean skincare products to the gen Z.

Other brands such as Horace and Bulldog Skincare also offer men's skincare lines - gel cleansers, moisturizers, masks and exfoliants - with the aim of moisturizing the skin on the face and fighting the signs of aging.

6. Pleasure and intimate comfort make their way into the beauty world

The market is now receptive to an offer centered around pleasure and intimate comfort, which a few years ago was still confined to sex shops. The proof is in the pudding, Sephora and Blissim now offer spaces dedicated to sexuality. The search for intimate pleasure and comfort are amongst trend to watch out in 2023.

Some brands have already launched with the desire to make sexuality a real subject of well-being, such as :

My Lubie, founded in 2020, which offers massage oils, natural lubricants, intimate wipes and aphrodisiac infusions

Baûbo, launched in 2019, a feminist, eco-responsible and committed brand that focuses on intimate comfort and offers natural moisturizing balms for the intimate parts.

My Lubie Range

7. Research into new biodegradable and compostable materials to combat plastic consumption

Notpla has recently been awarded the Earthshot prize, which provides global recognition and financial support for the development of its innovative packaging to combat plastic. New materials have become the main attraction for impact investors and developing eco-friendly materials is a challenge for 2023. Some brands like Haeckels are already offering promising solutions. ECLO has succeeded in the challenge of 100% natural and 0% plastic packaging, and offers eco-designed packaging that can be industrially composted, without leaving micro-plastic or petrochemical residues in nature.

Compostable packaging by Sulapac

Main photo by asap rocky available on Unsplash