Our New Year resolutions

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According to a December 2021 study, 92% of respondents say they are looking for a meaningful job, which is now a central concern in the way they approach their job.

Moreover, 2022 will have been the year of "quiet quitting": fed up with the lack of recognition and the impression of having to deal with a "bullshit job", many employees have decided to disengage from their work by doing only the bare minimum.

Unsurprisingly, the desire for entrepreneurship is gaining more and more people. On this subject, the Opinion Way survey of last February revealed that 46% of 18-24 year olds and 25-34 year olds imagine themselves as entrepreneurs or independent rather than employees, with a view to gaining meaning, autonomy, flexibility and challenge.

At Shimmers, we won't tell you otherwise. Entrepreneurship is a wonderful adventure, rich in discoveries, encounters and moments of euphoria.... but it also has its share of challenges.

To get the new year off to a good start, we've decided to draw up a list of our special entrepreneurial resolutions and share them with you.

1. Maintain your vision

"It is high time to rekindle the stars" wrote Apollinaire. In 2023, it's the same and when complications and setbacks pile up, we don't forget why we embarked on such an adventure and we reconnect with our vision.

Liz Huber explains it very well in her article "How to Keep Going as an Entrepreneur When Sh*t gets Tough":

"Reconnect with your vision.

You started this for a reason.

There is a purpose behind your goals. A fascination behind your plan.

Find that WHY again.

Meditate on it. See your vision.

Reconnect with your higher purpose. That larger idea that inspires you.

2. Sharpen your curiosity

As Siham Jibril, founder of the Generation XX podcast dedicated to the careers of women entrepreneurs, puts it so well, entrepreneurship requires you to bring together three essential values: nourish your curiosity, make your intuition work and cultivate your empathy.

Sometimes, with our heads in the sand, we forget to look at what shade of green the grass is next to us... But a lot is happening! Our good resolution is to cultivate this "ugly flaw" which nevertheless makes us open-minded and stimulates creativity, to remain open to discoveries and trends.

It's a good thing we've prepared our top trends for 2023. (Coming soon)

3. Allow yourself to take a break...

Breaks are necessary to renew your motivation and inspiration. We know it, it's been said over and over again, but sometimes it's hard to take a break.

We are inspired by Matthieu Dardaillon, the co-founder of Ticket for Change, who talks about his 4/5th experiment in this article from Les Echos:

"I value breaks and time to recharge my batteries (in fact, it is during these moments that I am most creative). At a time when I felt I was overheating, I allowed myself a five-week break to take a step back. I've been experimenting with 4/5ths for a year.

I've been feeding my hobbies: I leave room for my passions alongside my work, as a reminder to myself that there are things at least as exciting as my job to explore.

4. Surround yourself with trusted partners

To quote Guillaume Gibault, "the collective multiplies the potential and the scope of projects": asking for advice and knowing how to surround yourself with experts is essential for progress... Provided you take stock of what you are looking for in a concrete way.  

That's the whole point of the episode "Finding the right partner" of Pauline Laigneau's podcast Gratin: a person is the right one for us when he or she brings complementary skills to our own.

So whether we are talking about associating or delegating to experts to help us, the logic is the same. Each one has its own specificity and skills, to be combined according to needs.

Our speciality is to enable you to create brands that are like you.

More than ever, we are committed to working with you on exciting projects and to putting our know-how at the service of your most brilliant ideas.

Wishing you a sparkling year 2023, full of joy and success!